About Me

Hello! My name is Shelah and I am the blogger behind the blog and the knitter behind Shelah Knits Etsy Shop.

Knitting first caught my interest about 15 years ago. I was not internet savvy at the time but I was able to discover photo tutorials and basic patterns online. I started to knit and crochet (which I learned on 5th grade) small items for my daughter who was a toddler then. Over the years, I craved to learn more about it and shared my knitted items with family and friends.

I find knitting serene and comforting. It is one of my passions. I have always enjoyed exploring my creative self. I enjoy doing other crafts and needlepoint such as crochet, cross stitch and making scrapbooks and pages which I try to incorporate with knitting whenever I can. I love working with yarn, buttons and paper.

I am a Christian who loves living in Alaska and enjoys God's magnificent creations!
My hope is to share with you my passion for knitting, crochet and design. Whatever your craft is, I constantly find that there is always something new to learn and with knitting, it has always been exciting for me whether it's trying a new stitch, material or technique. There is always a new level to explore!
Exploring to learn something new and honing your craft, I believe, are good things. Make something. Create. Challenge yourself.

I am looking forward to learning from and sharing with you as we challenge our creative selves and be inspired! Thank you for visiting!

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